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If you want a successful Internet money making business, the way to go is to start a profitable business based on affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing businesses because they are so easy to set up and get started with. Affiliate marketing businesses can be set up and marketed for very minimal cost, they don’t require you to worry about a website (although you can if you want to take your success to the next level, but more on that later) since you are usually provided with one of some shape or form, and they don’t require you to invent or spend a lot of time researching products–what you do as an affiliate is sell other people’s products for a commission. In fact, since this is the Internet, you don’t even need to stock those products nor worry about delivering or shipping them.


So can you actually start a profitable business based on affiliate marketing? Isn’t something like that just too good to be true. Well, without the Internet, it would be. But with the Internet, new possibilities have come into existence for people. Nowadays, the traditional methods of selling other people’s or another company’s products on commission don’t have to be relied on. You can run an Internet affiliate marketing business without ever having to make any telephone calls, hold any meetings at anyone’s kitchen table, or handle any products at all. This is all because of the powerful, around-the-clock outreach of the Internet.


A profitable business based on affiliate marketing will allow you to thrive financially from the comfort of your own home, while you work according to your own schedule and have the possibility of becoming financially independent. So, how can you start a profitable affiliate marketing business on the Internet?


  • There are over 10,000 products that can be sold via affiliate marketing at Clickbank. Open up a free Clickbank account, choose a product that you believe in and would be enthusiastic about marketing, and sign up as an affiliate through the company selling it. Some companies won’t even charge you a one-time sign up fee.


  • Once you have your affiliate link, you can “mask” it by creating a domain name at Go Daddy and then “bouncing” your hoplink directly to that domain name (in other words, the domain name and address, when clicked, will take the person directly to your affiliate link). This helps you make more sales because you sound more professional and authentic.


  • To drive traffic to your affiliate link site, you can learn how to use article marketing. Articles cost you nothing to publish, and if you’re a good writer they cost you nothing to write. (If you aren’t the best writer in your opinion you can use inexpensive ghost writer services.) With articles, you create content that drives people to want to learn more about products that correspond with that content. Articles on the Internet are selling for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


So yes, people are making money and they will continue to make money with affiliate marketing. When you hear “profitable business based on affiliate marketing”, you don’t have to cringe with doubt. You know, you can make money too!

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